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Exhibit design is one of the most challenging design disciplines. It is storytelling, but telling a good story is simply not enough. There are many elements that go behind the making of an exhibition such as spatial design, lighting, case layouts, graphics, sound effects, and interactives just to name a few. Exhibit design is creating an experience.

Here are some major exhibits displayed in collaboration with Gallagher.

The most exciting part is the earlier stages; coming up with different design concepts. However, I enjoy the whole experience of exhibition design from schematic design, model making, to construction documentation. Janejira’s preferred topic includes but not limited to natural and earth sciences.

  Click for enlarged thumbnailsAnamnesia Shanghai Expo


Maryland MuseumMuseum

University of TN

Zoo of Puerto Rico

Zoo of Puerto Rico


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Other Exhibits:
Jamestown Yorktown Gallery
Yellowstone Canyon Visitor Center