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JANEJIRA offers commercial, residential, and exhibit design consultation for projects of all sizes. We strive to balance "form and function", but aim never to sacrifice either in pursuit of your design goals.

Why choose JANEJIRA for your project?

If you have a space and no idea what to with it, or if your materials don’t work well together, choose JANEJIRA. End your worries with our comprehensive design service, and start enjoying your space to its maximum potential.

Whether you are looking to remodel a room or an entire floor space, our dedicated team will help you every step of the way! How do we begin the design process? First, by evaluating your space, and based on the demands of your lifestyle or workplace’s need we will identify design concepts in response to your project challenges. We will coordinate all the materials and finishes as well as present various color schemes for you to pick and choose. Our master-planning phase is presented with ideation sketches. Followed by design development phase where we focus more into the details of things. Finally, should your project call for construction documentation, our team will execute the drawings in CAD – Computer Aided Design, which you could take to the builder of your choice, or we may refer you to one of our trusted contractors. Because we are budget-minded, we will not be wasteful of design hours, but patiently await your feedback; never proceeding onto the next phase of design until your approval.

Should you desire a touch of Feng Shui for your interiors, an expert is ready to analyze your space to bring peace and harmony into your surrounding. Let Feng Shui orient your life in a more positive direction.

Do you recognize the value of Feng Shui, but do not want your space to look totally "Asian?". Do you feel that "Chinoiserie" doesn't quite work with your modern taste and lifestyle? JANEJIRA offers the solution you are looking for. Our perfect blend of the East and West is customized to bring you unique interiors.

Interiors Services:
Master-planning (space plan)
Concept Development
Construction Documentation
Materials and Finishes
Feng Shui


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Residential design

Residential design

Residential design

Residential design

Residential design

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Current Interiors Projects:

Kosecka Residence, Virginia, USA
Germana Manca Residence, Italy