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Our design process and methodology may not be better explained than the illustration here. We take no shortcuts. This methodology is carried through in everything we do, all across disciplines.

Our Process:

Design Brief We interview your business background for a design brief.

Research Conduct through research on the design problem and your potential competitors.

Reference Study of the market trend, combining gained knowledge with the design brief, ultimately lead us to a solution that is memorable, meaningful, approprite and timeless.

Brainstorming The fun part! We begin with a blank canvas of quick ideation sketches based on all information gathered. You will receive scanned images of these ideas, which we will bounce back and forth many times.

Reflection We take breaks from our projects, this is important for us to get a fresh look on our work, and even allow for other new ideas to emerge.

The 2 E's Rule: Embellish and Edit. We fine-tune the selected ideas to futher expand their posibilities. And we keep at it, until one speaks to us (of course, figuratively speaking).

Presentation We present you with the chosen design in a much tighter format (i.e. computer renderings, hard line drawings, etc.) for your approval. We wait for your feedback before making the last modifications.

Delivery We send you the final work. We always over-deliver. You will not only get a product that you'll be proud of, but the whole experience that comes with working with us. We pleage ourselves on outstanding customer service.

Support You won't feel abandoned after the project is completed. We will stay in touch with you regonizing that without you, we are not in business. You foster our love for design and we 'thank you' with a Client Appreciation gift by sending you offers that you cannot refuse!




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