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Janejira Kalsmith Cervone
Design Principal

Education & Background
Master of Industrial Design - Pratt Institute, New York (2001).
Bachelor of Arts of Interior Design - Columbia College, Chicago (1996).

Since early childhood, Janejira has been involved in the creative field of the arts. Her parents owned a successful photography studio in Bangkok, Kingdom of Thailand. It was then that Janejira started to develop a keen eye for design.

Janejira and her family moved to America and settled in Chicago. Growing up there, she was influenced by the city's magnificent topography, its breathtaking lakefront skyline, rich modern architecture, and the multi-cultural exposure.

Janejira was a faculty at the Art Institute of Washington in the interior design department. For half a decade, she has taught at the Sheffield School of Interior Design, NY. Janejira has won numerous awards and recognitions. She has worked on several high profile projects including but not limited to:

Zoo of Puerto Rico
Jamestown Gallery
Yellowstone Visitor Center
MTA – Metro Transit Authority, NY
McCormick Place – Chicago

Guido Cervone, Ph.D.
Vice President & Technology Director

Ph.D. - Computational Sciences and Informatics - George Mason University, Virginia (2004).

Our vice president and technology guru is a tenure track faculty at GMU. When he bought his first home, he asked the realtor for a townhouse without any yard, because he'd rather spends his weekends sailing or skiing than mowing the lawn -- yawn.


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